You have probably heard about PTC, but to start, let’s explain where PTC came from.

PTC is actually the abbreviation of Paid to click ie, pay per click in free translation. It is a business model (advertising), in which most popular sites pay users to click on advertisements available on their site.

But in addition to this main function, PTC sites include other functions by default and I will explain to you in detail in this article.

How much do they pay?
This is a question that a lot of people would like to see answered with something at least over $ 0.01. But in practice, most sites pay less than $ 0.01 for each click on advertising.

After all, with $ 0.001 per click and generally few ads to click on average 10 ads per day, how can you get payments of $ 100, $ 50 or even my record on a single order that was $ 408 on Neobux, is what I will explain with more details below.

Pay Per Click
This is the least attractive option on any PTC site but it is the option most used by all users. It is simple you are required to click on at least 4 ads to receive from rented or direct referrals. In addition, if you are starting today it is possible to start a free long-term strategy by clicking on as many ads as possible daily.

Let’s use Neobux as a reference. The world’s most popular PTC shows an average of 16 ads for $ 0.001 per day. This totals an average of $ 0.016 per day. With that you would need an average of 125 days to reach the minimum withdrawal that is $ 2 and can be sent to your processor immediately.

It’s a long time isn’t it? following this logic, it is not worth clicking on a PTC site. But it’s not like that, there’s more…

Direct referrals
This is a gold mine on any PTC website. Think that in Brazil alone at least 50 million people are interested in extra income, showing them the way and encouraging them to register with your link will help you get to the withdrawal minimum much faster or start your strategy that we are going to talk about this just below.

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Best options for getting direct referrals
Each direct referral is available for life in your account and whenever he credits a percentage of the click value, it is credited to you. On some sites there are limits on direct referrals, on others you can indicate your will.

Leased referrals
The rented referrals are people or bot that you rent to click for you and increase your income on the site.

Be aware that, not every website will allow rented profits. The ideal is to have a long-term strategy and always use the prolonged renewal of those referred.

Renting for just 30 days or renewing for 30 days can give you a loss instead of a profit.
The rental of referrals shows attractive on most sites. He was a profit reference for many years on sites like Scarlet Clicks and Neobux himself. But the departure of Paypal that stopped providing support to PTC ended up hurting most of the good sites. That he was forced to reduce the profit and allow it only with a good strategy.

Check out the full article on this topic with detailed strategy
Resuming. The rental of referrals is interesting and accessible to all users because with $ 1 you can rent an average of 5 referrals. However, care should be taken to rent these referrals for as long as possible, which may be more costly in the beginning. Renting thinking about renewing for 30 days can be a guaranteed loss for you. The ideal is 240 days. But on some sites after 90 days it is already possible to obtain a considerable return.

This feature allows you to give your earnings a UP. But remember to give this UP you need to pay a considerable amount on most sites. So look ahead and see if it’s really worth it.

If you do not have active referrals. Only upgrade with at least 200 rented and already renewed for 240 days, or that you already have enough balance to renew.

The upgrade also extends the limit of direct referrals, improves the rental earnings per click and is indicated when you are already at the limit of the free account.